Moschino Autumn/Winter 2018 Looks

Moschino just hit the catwalk and I want everything! The new Autumn/Winter 2018 collection takes us back to the 50’s with a futuristic retro twist. Below are my favorite Moschino looks that hit the runway during Milan Fashion Week:

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New York Fashion Week ’18 Favorite looks so far (women’s)


Colovos is a brand owned by husband and wife. This Autumn/Winter 2018 collection was tastefully layered. Bold colors and prints were used. Look number one shows a silk-like dress with a vintage print topped off with a beautifully bright orange winter jacket. Look two is an elegant black silk slip. I love the hint of lace under the bust of the dress. Look three is a gorgeous ensemble of denim on denim. The fur coat adds a lovely winter feel and brings everything together.

2. Pamella Rolland

Pamella Rolland’s Autumn/Winter 2018 collection was certainly jaw dropping. Every piece was elegant and definitely a head turn. Look one is a beige sheath dress topped with a long beige coat to match. Look three is a burgundy dress that dresses ones shape beautifully. The slide-slit brings a risque vibe to the dress. Look three is an elegant dress full of poise and grace in a mermaid shape. This dress shows beautiful golden embroidery from the waist down with a halter neck.

3. Adam Selman

Adam Selman’s Autumn/Winter 2018 collection is sure to bring back some vintage vibes. Look one is a matching set red vinyl coat with skirt. This is a look I would definitely rock on a night out. Look two is a gorgeous denim on denim ensemble with those awesome knee high denim heeled boots to match, who can say no?! Look three certainly brings back some preschool pacific playchute vibes and I am in love!

4. Tom Ford

Tom Ford’s Autumn/Winter 2018 collection is awesomely animal print inspired with an 80’s color feel. Look one is a long leopard print coat with hints of hot pink. Look two is a patchwork animal print legging with a mix of vibrant color hues. Lastly,  look three is a beautifully embroidered dress with a match of flower and leopard prints and vibrant color hues.

5. Jeremy Scott

Last but certainly not least and my very personal favorite was Jeremy Scott’s Autumn/Winter 2018 collection. I loved this collection because it was amazingly out-of-the-box and almost futuristic. All models had different adorable bob cuts with bright colors of blue, pink, yellow, purple and tied everything up perfectly with the rest of the outfits. look one is a matching set jogger outfit with plenty of zipper room to fit every essential. Look two is also a matching set skirt and crop jacket with a patchwork design of many vibrant colors. Look three is worn by none other than the fabulous Gigi Hadid. She is rocking the matching  pink and yellow retro prints that clash amazingly well together. But that’s not all! Jeremy Scott added colorful texture to top off the look in both the cropped hoodie and matching pant.

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Daring 4 Denim S/S 2018 Trends


It is time for the denim craze to bring its way back this Spring/Summer season of 2018! & in celebration of such I wanted to give YOU an insider into my favorite flashback denim trends that will make you fashion forward gals inspired!

Below are my top 4 fave denim looks:

  1. Double Denim: This look was popular in the 1980’s but was still rocked by celebrities in the 1990’s such as Tyra Banks and Drew Barymore. Pair this with bright and popping accessories to make them stand out more.
  2. Wide leg jean: This look was popular during the 1990’s. This year it will take a twist with exposed side snaps or colorful sport striped straps on the side.
  3. 1990’s baggy: This look was popular in the 90’s street culture and is finally back! With a drooped crotch and baggy hip fit, they will not only bring edge to your closet but also comfort!
  4. Patchwork (AKA blocking and piecing): This look gives the 70’s vintage vibe back to your closet. Add some grunge to it by piecing some plaid!

(p.s. Don’t forget to check out my Pinterest board “S/S 18 Denim Trends” for more inspirational denim looks!) & comment below on your favorite look!

Looking for Spring/Summer 2018 Hair Ideas?


Well… you’re in luck! Here’s a look into what gorgeous hair styles will be trending for the Spring and Summer seasons of 2018! (don’t forget to check out my Pinterest Board “S/S 18 Hair Style Trends” for pictures!)

After much contemplation with what to do with my own hair and some research I decided to share with you what I have discovered so you all can find an easily accessible rundown of possible hairstyle ideas:

  • Hair Color:
  1. Pretty in Pink– Now the shade of color for this year is more of a pastel/soft pink which in my opinion is such a pretty color. I have actually tried this myself recently and absolutely fell in love!
  2. Silver & Gray– This is one of my faves and have also noticed more girls trying this hair style out. It does require a lot of care but if anyone is thinking of trying this out let me know and I will give you some awesome and affordable hair care products that will keep this hair looking sharp.
  3. Shades of Blue & Violet– The trending shades are electric & pastel.
  4. Hot Rod– This shade of color is a more saturated and bold shade of red/orange.
  • Hair Style:
  1. The Buzzcut – Now let me tell you.. this is definitely one that requires a lot of reflection but I have noticed more and more girls have been rocking this and TRULY rocking it!
  2. Fringetastic–  Whether they are long or short both styles will be in!
  3. Straight Cut– For those of you looking for a cute bob type style the straight cut is a cute option! *one of my faves*

I hope these ideas have narrowed down some options for you just as it as for me! Comment below and let me know your favorites!


Aaptiv Workout App Review


So let me just start off with saying keeping up with a workout schedule and knowing the best way to get quick results is SO HARD when there is no personal trainer that you have paid hundreds for right at your ear telling you what to do. And, of course as a full time student that is something far from my budget… luckily about a few weeks ago I came across this app called Aaptiv that basically provides to you not just one but plenty of personal trainers to choose from that will tell you what to do just as if they were right there with you but at a way more reasonable price! There is also a ton of workouts to choose from. Below is a list of my favorite workouts so far:

Outdoor Running- “Unstoppable Intervals” with Benjamin

Treadmill- “Go Somewhere New” with Kelly

Elliptical- “Booty Bounding” with Jessica

Abs- “Complex Core” with Meghan

All four of these workouts are perfect for  beginners and intermediates. Don’t worry though, for all those gym junkies that like a greater challenge there is also high intensity workout options for you too!

I would love to hear from those who are wanting to give this a try, comment below with your favorite workout!